[dt_sc_fullwidth_section id="aboutusRulesBox" backgroundcolor="" backgroundimage="" opacity="" parallax="" backgroundrepeat="" backgroundposition="" paddingtop="60" paddingbottom="" textcolor="" class="" first][dt_sc_h2 class="" subtitle="The rules between you and us"]TERMS & CONDITIONS[/dt_sc_h2]

We ensure that we serve our customers professionally and work very closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction.

We value each and every customer and work with a formal set of procedures from enquiry to the completion of orders and delivery of goods. This allows us to take care of our customers no matter how large or small their order may be.

Below are our guidelines from processing of an enquiry, turning into order and delivery to your door.

  1. Payments are to be made in full before delivery of merchandise.
  2. Deposits may be required from new customers and we retain the right to ask for a deposit from any existing customer on any new orders.
  3. Upon receipt of a deposit and customer approval of final and complete order details, we move the order into production within two working days.
    1. All graphics and details are sent to the customer for final approval before they are produced and we will work to change designs until the customer is 100% satisfied. If any error occurs from the customer reading the job sheet wrong they will be liable for pay for the purchase. If the error occurs due to staff error, then please contact us immediately for further investigation into the problem.
    2. For customized and bespoke items, the customer may be asked to approve a sample logo or sublimation design whilst the order is in production. Any delay in approval from the customer may result in a delay in the production of the garments. Deefort Sports shall not be responsible for any such delay.
  4. We hold the right to reject any order.
  5. Our Standard delivery lead time is 3-4 weeks of order confirmation. We shall advise you on delivery date before the order is completed with an estimated dispatch date.
    • While Deefort Sports will make every effort to fulfill orders with shorter deadlines, we cannot guarantee delivery for orders needed within 3 weeks of initial order date.
    • We may require additional charges on urgent orders unless agreed otherwise.
    • Our delivery lead time may extend during peak season and holidays. Customers will be notified of extension of delivery lead time via Notices displayed on our website and/or other Company channels.
  6. Delivery address is asked to be provided upon order placement. Goods will be delivered to the provided address on completion of the order. If the goods need to be redirected for any reason after they leave our facility, any additional charges will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer may notify us at any time by e-mail before the delivery process begins to change the address and we will notify them on receipt of this information and update the details prior to delivery
  7. If any change of circumstance occurs during production the customer is required to inform us immediately and if possible we will work to incorporate this change. Otherwise the original confirmed details will be followed and we hold the right to ask for payment on completed goods.
  8. Orders placed via web-portal cannot be cancelled (unless agreed otherwise) as these are personalized to your requirements. These orders have effectively gone into our system of operation/manufacturing and have involved a cost.
    1. Changes to be made on web portal orders after placed - You can make changes for any error made during the order placement by manually e-mailing us until the shop is open. Charges may apply - we will make every effort to make changes resulting from customer error (incorrect sizing, etc). Such changes will incur a handling fee of GBP 9/case or US$ 13/case or equivalent amount in other currencies for the service due to manual work.
    2. Unclaimed Parcels - We will contact the customer immediately for any “unclaimed parcel” that is returned to us. If we don't receive a reply to re-arrange delivery within 60 days of our notification e-mail, Deefort Sports holds the right to abandon the parcel without further notification.
  9. Customer is required to pay the balance outstanding for the goods (or payment in full if the deposit was not requested) prior to shipment of goods.
  10. All of our products are made to order. Therefore they are non-refundable and non-returnable unless there is a production fault (How to notify us of faulty goods, please refer to point 15).
  11. Once payment is received, the goods will be dispatched immediately to arrive to the customer within three to seven days depending on the shipping method used.
  12. You shall not be requested by any transporter/courier for any sort or transportation or transportation-related charges either directly or indirectly. If the shipping company makes such a request, you are required to contact us promptly.
  13. Deefort Sports will not be responsible for events out of our control, such as delays in customs clearance, flight delays/cancellations or any other incident beyond our reasonable control such as natural disasters.
  14. In case of any errors in production the customer is required to inform us within 14 days of receipt of the goods by e-mail with clear information on the nature of the problem. In cases of need, any particular image or photo of the faulty product highlighting the error will be requested.
  15. Products which are damaged due to failure to follow washing instructions or misuse of garments with unreasonable force or rubbing against other items/materials will not be recognized as any faulty products.
  16. We value our customers input on garment improvement and quality improvement. Please make any suggestions via e-mail on how we can improve our product and services.