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Deefort Sports Limited, known as “d4T” and “Dee4T” was established in 2017 as an exciting up and coming sportswear company and brand by an owner with over 12 years’ experience in sportswear supply.

Our main focus is to provide bespoke sportswear to grassroots sports clubs. This covers everything from playing kit and training tops to leisurewear and wet weather clothing, all designed to the customer’s satisfaction.

It is our goal to ensure that grassroots sports clubs look professional both on and off the field, so we make sure that the quality of our apparel is high. We also ensure that the apparel stands out, so that club identity - which plays a big part in the club’s performance and supporter’s involvement – is something to be proud of. This creates a long lasting, positive effect on whoever uses or sees our products.

Of course, not forgetting that a sports club’s real goal is their performance on the field, we ensure that we work closely with our customers on their playing uniform. This means that we strive to create specially designed kits for the customer with performance and comfort equally in mind.

Our brand has grown quickly. Word of mouth and the awesome look of our products on fields and pitches all over the world has led to interest from potential customers within different sports communities. This led to us increasing and diversifying our range of products to serve more customers in different sports and countries all over the world.

Much of our quick success can also be attributed to being able to provide bespoke playing, training, and casual sports garments, offered over a wide range of sports at an unbeatable price. We are also more than willing to listen to our customers, to help us improve both our products and our customer service.