Loyalty programme

Join our generous loyalty programme and get a refund on each of your orders and referrals.

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1 $€£
$100 Credit note
Earn 1500 points and receive $100 credit to shop at Deefort Sports
1 $€£
$500 Credit note
Earn 2700 points and receive $500 credit to shop at Deefort Sports
1 $€£
$1000 Credit note

Earn 5000 points and receive $1000 credit to shop at Deefort Sports

($€£) in your local currency



50 points

Register with us and get 50 points to start with

1 point

For every $/£/€ you spend with Deefort Sports


30 points

Design your kit using Deefort Sports kit designer which translates into order

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150 points

When a new customer you refer makes their first purchase at Deefort Sports


50 points

When you make your first purchase at Deefort Sports after being referred by a friend

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Loyalty Programme only applies to customers registered with Deefort Sports.
  2. Loyalty Programme is “Club/Team/Union” based and not individuals as only those are recognized as customers.
  3. Points are earned in your local currency i.e. $/£/€ 1 will be treated as 1 point.
  4. Customer who does not place an order within 6 months of registration will have their registration cancelled and removed from the system.
  5. Orders which are paid in full are only recognized towards rewards point programme.
  6. Loyalty Programme cannot be used in conjuction with other Promotional offers.
  7. Rewards are based on accumulated points and will be reset to 0 once you redeem your reward.
  8. Unused points will be reset to 0 after 36 months (3 years) of registration and your account expires after 36 months (3 years), it will need to be registered again for activation.
  9. You will need to inform us of your introduction of a new customer, this can be done by e-mailing us and copying your referral with a simple message of introduction to ensure you get the related points allocated.
  10. Redemption cannot be done via online shop orders but only on bulk orders
  11. Deefort Sports reserves the right not to accept any order.